Let’s delve into the success story of a trade show booth company seeking to elevate its online visibility. By implementing a focused SEO strategy, we helped them secure higher rankings for industry-relevant keywords, leading to increased organic traffic, greater brand exposure, and a significant boost in lead generation.


The challenge is to gain top 3 positions for specific keyword group in 7 coveted cities where trade shows and conventions are bountiful. 

Jenn’s function here is an SEO consultant, manager and strategist. 

203% increase in Organic traffic Year over Year

Initially, the client primarily focuses on targeting the top cities in the US where exhibits and conventions take place annually, despite catering to the entire country.

A two-pronged approach was applied to the campaign. First, build geo-targeted pages. Second, build relevance to national keywords already placed within top 20 but not in top 5. 

By setting up an elaborate content building for landing pages and continuing to feed Google with helpful and informational content, the growth in coveted Organic keywords and improvements in existing keyword positions brought on an amazing trajectory to the client’s website traffic. 


326% new keywords within Organic searches

Apart from achieving organic search visibility, certain improvements such as integrating Chat and identifying customer journeys with heatmaps, tremendously helped with their engagement and Sales conversions. 

▶ 92% increase in chat engagements from Organic Searches

196% increase in leads tracked on Footer Form submissions

The first year of SEO engagement brought on great momentum and the client dominated in searches for the most coveted searches. 

The client reported that their average yearly sales increased by 2.5X in just 2 years of diligent and continuous SEO efforts. 

From $4M to $10M in just 2 years

This demonstrates the powerful impact that effective search engine optimization strategies can have on improving the visibility and organic performance of a webpage. By carefully analyzing and optimizing various elements, such as on-page factors, keyword research, content quality, technical aspects, and backlink profiles, we were able to achieve remarkable results.

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