eCommerce SEO for a Carryout Supplies Store

In November 2017, the client approached us seeking assistance in enhancing their Organic Search visibility through SEO.

With a solid presence in Google’s Organic search results, primarily ranking within the Top 5-20 for high-value keywords, they aimed to further strengthen their online presence.


The primary objective is to enhance the Organic search rankings for high-buying intent keywords, resulting in a substantial increase in website traffic and a higher volume of calls originating from Organic Searches.

The website is built on Shopify, which already offers many SEO features and benefits on the technical aspect.  By focusing on improving these positions, the aim is to drive more qualified leads and maximize the client’s overall conversion potential.

Growth on "hot cups"

Growth on "yogurt cups"

major improvements in clicks & impressions within 90 days of the
seo campaign

SEO efforts were focused on keywords groups: hot cups & yogurt cups.

Upon implementation of the re-aligned On-page SEO recommendations for the client’s website, we’ve seen major improvements in the number of clicks and impressions within the searches in less than 90 days of the client’s campaign.  

Apart from the On Page changes, an outreach campaign was set out to acquire highly relevant links to carry out supplies. The strategy is to look at the competitors’ backlink profiles and gain links from website owners where competitors have links.

In addition to this, other structured data which were not yet implemented by Shopify at the time was added. 


35% increase in number of calls

A call tracking tool was set up to understand the impact of SEO implementations carried out on the site. 

In less than a month,  we’ve seen an increasing trajectory in the number of calls. 

Unfortunately, the client had to request the SEO campaign to stop as they are not able to handle the number of calls anymore. 



This demonstrates the powerful impact that effective search engine optimization strategies can have on improving the visibility and organic performance of a webpage. By carefully analyzing and optimizing various elements, such as on-page factors, keyword research, content quality, technical aspects, and backlink profiles, we were able to achieve amazing results.

Growth on "hot cups"

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