Ecommerce SEO for an Australian Fitness Supplement Brand

The campaign for this for a well-known fitness supplements brand in Australia started in September 2021. The website is built on Magento, receiving an average of 2,000 users from Organic searches with an average monthly revenue of A$10,000 before engagement with Jenn.

Ecommerce SEO for a Large Luxury Retailer

Campaign Started in January 2022. The main challenges of the campaign is to recover from the technical debt brought on by a site migration that happened in 2018.
This challenge has been preventing the client to leverage Organic searches as their top marketing channel.

SEO for a Lead Generation Website for Nicotine Prescriptions

The aim of the lead generation website is to target smokers who are looking to quit smoking, providing access to accredited partner medical providers who prescribe their nicotine vape products. Since the industry is fairly young, our challenge is to find keywords to align with our clients' business goals

united states

SEO for Commercial Truck Insurance

In May of 2017, the client sought out SEO to find creative strategies to differentiate themselves, build trust and credibility, and optimize their online presence to capture and convert leads, while navigating strict regulations in a saturated digital market.

Ecommerce SEO for CarryOut Supplies Company

In November 2017, the client approached us seeking assistance in enhancing their Organic Search visibility through SEO. Already having a solid presence in Google's Organic search results, primarily ranking within the Top 5-20 for high-value keywords, they aimed to further strengthen their online presence.

SEO for Leading Trade Show Exhibit Designs & Rentals

SEO campaigns started in Sep 2016. This large project involved 8 campaigns for leading in 7 cities and 1 major campaign for a high-margin vertical. 

The campaign gained 80% organic growth, with an accelerated growth in revenue from $4M to $10M in just 2 years.


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