eCommerce SEO for a Fitness Supplements Brand

The campaign for this for a well-known fitness supplements brand in Australia started in September 2021. The website is built on Magento, receiving an average of 2,000 users from Organic searches with an average monthly revenue of A$10,000 before engagement with Jenn.

The client wishes to see further growth by tapping into their Organic Search opportunities. 


Technical SEO is one of the largest roadblock for this client. 

The site structure is all over the place and there are some CMS configurations that are keeping them from soaring high in Organic Searches.  More than just tweaking the titles, meta descriptions, the templates for the website pages and configuration do not adhere to SEO best practices. 

Along with their technical SEO challenges, the accuracy of Analytics tracking is questionable, which is one of the vital components of this campaign. 

Another opportunity seen is the unfocused content and link acquisition strategy.

273% increase in revenue from Organic search within 5 months

After conducting a comprehensive audit and intent-based keyword research, a 12-month roadmap was set up to address their main challenges. 

An intensive collaboration with the client’s web development team was necessary to fix the page semantics and website structure of their website. 

While communicating these technical issues, aligning the content production and link acquisition strategy with SEO is also crucial in increasing discoverability for the client. 

And the results are more than gratifying! 


939% new users compared to last 12 months
51% improvement in keyword positions

This demonstrates the powerful impact that effective search engine optimization strategies can have on improving the visibility and organic performance of a webpage. By carefully analyzing and optimizing various elements, such as on-page factors, keyword research, content quality, technical aspects, and backlink profiles, we were able to achieve remarkable results.

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