SEO for Commercial truck Insurance company

Insurance companies face challenges in effectively connecting with their target audience due to strong competition and complex products.

In May of 2017, the client sought out SEO to find creative strategies to differentiate themselves, build trust and credibility, and optimize their online presence to capture and convert leads, while navigating strict regulations in a saturated digital market.


Being in a competitive space, the client is looking at growth in the commercial vehicle space. 

The website is outdated and its landing pages are overly optimized. It lacks high authority links that would greatly enhance its targeted keyword rankings. Additionally, the user experience has been unsatisfactory thus far.


Knowing the challenges ahead, an elaborate roadmap was prepared which includes the following: 

  • Review and Recalibration of Onpage Optimizations
  • Realignment of Link Acquisition Targets
  • Helpful Content Strategy – providing comprehensive resources on the focus target which are commercial vehicle insurance. 

123% increase in Organic traffic
in just 5 months

Before SEO engagement, the client received an average of 700-900 organic sessions. However, after a few months of SEO groundwork, we successfully increased the average monthly visits to 1,500, which is a significant 123% increase in organic sessions.

686% growth in LEADS from
Organic traffic

From September 2017, the average monthly leads were around 100-150.

By March 2018, the client experienced a remarkable increase, reaching 500-700 leads per month. This represents a staggering 686% growth in the number of leads, which includes both calls and form submissions.

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