SEO for a Lead Generation Website for Nicotine Prescriptions

The pharmaceutical company behind the lead generation website is looking to grow their newly built website launched in June 2021.

In Australia, the vaping laws are stricter limiting the use of nicotine-based vapes and e-cigarettes to users with nicotine prescriptions.

The aim of the lead generation website is to target smokers who are looking to quit smoking, providing access to accredited partner medical providers who prescribe their nicotine vape products.

Since the industry is fairly young, our challenge is to find keywords to align with our clients’ business goals


A key aspect of successful SEO implementation is creating content that is aligned with search engine algorithms and user intent. This case study examines the impact of SEO-aligned content on website performance and organic search rankings.

The niche is health-related and there is a presumed struggle in positioning the website due to YMYL (Your Money, Your Life) algorithm.


Comprehensive content strategy

  • Bolster Implementing E-E-A-T Guidelines with Authorship and Structured Data
  • Identify content opportunities with keyword research, collaborated with the client for a cohesive editorial calendar.
  • Outreach Links

2,280% increase in Organic Traffic
Year over year

With an industry in its infancy stage, yet growing rapidly – The goal is to get ahead of the competition and build as much relevance as possible to the website, while keeping the website action driven in mind.

That meant hours of collaboration in content research and planning. 

On the other hand, structured data concerning Authorship is also on top of the list to prioritize. 


12.57% Conversion Rates gained

This demonstrates the powerful impact that effective search engine optimization strategies can have on improving the visibility and organic performance of a webpage. By carefully analyzing and optimizing various elements, such as on-page factors, keyword research, content quality, technical aspects, and backlink profiles, we were able to achieve remarkable results.

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