Ecommerce SEO for a Large Luxury Retailer

Campaign Started in January 2022. The main opportunity of the campaign is to recover from the technical debt brought on by a site migration that happened in 2018.

This challenge has been preventing the client to leverage Organic searches as their top marketing channel.

The website has about 150,000 pages, on a client-side server.

The work done here is involves intensive SEO consultation, training and project management. 


Most of the issues encountered were attributed to the lack of technical SEO audits. 

Being a large site, there is also a challenge of gaining a 360º view of overall site health. 

The following are the most prominent issues seen during the engagement:

  • Inefficient crawl rates
  • Crawl budget wastage
  • Cluttered Site Architecture
  • Faceted Search and Filter menus
  •  Ineffective Onpage Elements
  • Below par page speeds and page experience

Better page experience

During this time, Google was implementing an all-out campaign to improve page experience. 

Identifying the patterns where the speeds and mobile experience are falling behind, major development changes were championed by the involved SEO proponents on the side of the client.

14% increase in Indexed pages

Within 12 months, a cumulative total of 93.5K pages were indexed since start of the campaign. 

This has been a tremendous increase in crawl budget and any new pages published on the website has a faster rate of getting included in the searches. 

By addressing the generation of unnecessary URLs and fixing the site structure, AND improving page experience, the website was able to regain their crawl budget from their first campaign month.

192K additional organic users per month

A$1M increase in revenue from Organic searchES Month over Month

Addressing the cluttered URL structures and site architecture, increases in revenue and Organic users progressed on a month-to-month basis

Extensive guidelines and tight sprint schedules with the development teams of the client were followed to make these URL and site structure changes happen.

A$5M Rise in revenue from organic

8.8% increase in Organic users year over year

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